Lesson Requests

Hi everyone!

I offer private English lessons (currently online due to the pandemic) to very young children, older children, teenagers and of course parents who would like to learn some English to support their children.

You can read about my professional and educational background in the ‘About me’ page. I have extensive knowledge and experience in teaching English to learners of all ages but I certainly specialise in very young and young learners.

The lesson duration varies from 30 – 60 minutes for regular lessons.

This can be longer depending on needs and goals, 75 – 90 minutes, for example exam prep lessons.

Very young learners – 3-6 year olds

The lessons are built around fun interactive games (that I design most of the time) and activities to learn and practice vocabulary with this age group. Students get plenty of listening and speaking opportunities at this level. I will be using songs, flashcards, pictures, realia, puppets, playdough and toys to have a really joyful lesson with your little one. They won’t even understand that it’s online. (Online lessons are just as effective for the young kids if they are done properly by an expert teacher.)

Main goals are to build confidence, motivation, vocabulary and short phrases/sentences and expose kids to plenty of AUTHENTIC ENGLISH

Young learners – 7-12 year olds

The lessons are built around fun and academic activities targeted to practice a wider set of skills now. The skills targeted with this age range are reading, writing, speaking fluency, listening for information and more. Inteactive games and activities are used alongside educational worksheets and if desired homework can be provided once a week. Relevant and constructive feedback for homework will be given to the student in the lesson.

Main goals are to maintain confidence and motivation, develop fluency, build vocabulary use and better sentence structures, listen, read and speak English in authentic contexts.

Teenage learners – 13-19 year olds

General English lessons are built for different levels of learners, that is, BEGINNER – ELEMENTARY – PRE-INTERMEDIATE – INTERMEDIATE – UPPER INTERMEDIATE – ADVANCED. Lessons can have a focus on English exam preparation if requested. Lessons target level appropriate skills of learners, reading, writing, listening and speaking with a stronger focus on English grammar and vocabulary, including phrasal verbs, idioms and authentic language.

A placement (level) test will be offered at the beginning of the course. (written & spoken)

Main goals are to build and maintain learner confidence, direct learner motivation to the correct source, work on receptive skills (listening, reading) and productive skills (speaking, writing).

Feel free to contact me for more specific information.