Ms Eileen or Eileen teacher (as my students preferred to call me)

Well, hello everyone! Nice to meet here at last! I have been dreaming for a while now, about having my own blog/website. To share my passion for education, for teaching English and for sharing my experience and knowledge with those who seek it and here I am. I hope I can achieve all that’s on my mind, with your support.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

What is ‘Joyful English’ for?

Let me briefly tell you why I’m here with ‘Joyful English for Kids’ and what you can get from your journey with me. I do hope you stay to enjoy the journey, that means you’ll come back whenever there is a new post or any other additions to the site. (There will be a lot to see!)

You can read about my educational and professional background in the ‘About’ page, so I won’t go into too much detail right now. What is my aim here? I have set up this blog to share my expertise in the field of education as well as teaching English as a second/foreign langauge. I believe in my expertise and knowledge bank in this field because I have been teaching both as a classroom teacher and a teacher of English for over 12 years. You can guess that I have learned a great deal from my experience over the years, especially being the curious and motivated individual that I am.

An important observation I made over the years was that, the ‘PARENTS’ of those children who are learning English are in much NEED of proper and good GUIDANCE. Parents have many questions, some may seem not so important to some teachers, but for those parents their questions are very valid and important. I agree with the parents, all their questions regarding their child’s education are very important, mainly because they show how much they care. So here, I want to give as much guidance as I can to those parents who are TRULY interested in their children’s education.

Learning lasts forever. If you know, you can pass on the knowledge to your children and students.

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller

Is there anything for Teachers in this blog?

Yes, of course there is! You can see the ‘Teachers’ section above. In that section, I hope to share my experience teaching different levels, age groups, different settings/contexts that I’ve worked in and share materials created by me or useful resources that I found and used successfully.

We can (HOPEFULLY!) create a great community of teachers who are asking questions, searching for answers together and sharing our experiences, resources, IDEAS and TIPS. I really look forward to building something strong for teachers who need extra support either because they are new in the field or passionate about learning more and sharing ideas, like me.

I have met some GREAT TEACHERS in my teaching journey in Istanbul who really inspired me and I would love to see them here supporting us. We can share your ideas, questions, materials you’ve created, the must-have lists you have, write a post with me and so on.

That’s it for now..

I will share more about WHAT you will find in each section of the site a little later. More sections will be added in time as our community of teachers and parents grow.

I will continue to post at a rapid rate which is at least 1 post a day for now. Please do read and give me feedback, as that’s how I will continue to learn and grow this blog to make it the BEST!

See you soon in the NEXT post!

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